11th Feb 2009 Afternooon Ride Home

So, everything was fine. made it down St Kilda Rd, narrowly avoiding the copious amounts of cars behaving badly, jutting arses out, turning from ridiculous lanes, the usual. Made it through the city, past the buses and pedestrians desperately trying to get hit by bikes while jaywalking. As I approached the intersection of Swanston and Franklin Streets, I heard some sort of ruckus. Outside the little Gloria Jeans coffee shop opposite from RMIT there were two ladies having an altercation. The younger one, in her 20s I would guess, was screaming and pushing this older lady around. I’d say the older lady was in her mid to late 30s. Anyway, so the younger lady is wearing an apron, evidently she works in the Gloria Jeans cafe, and is screaming at the other women “Don’t you fucking tell me to get fucked!!!” and other pleasantries at the top of her lungs. Upon closer inspection it looked as if the older woman had some kind of milky drink splashed all over the front of her black top. She was trying to back away from the younger woman, repeating things like “I’m going to call the police!” All this was being taken in quite quickly as I and the other cyclists pulled up to a red light at the intersection. The guy in front turned around and was like “What the fuck?” and I was like “It looks like someone is going to be fired today.” then the lights changed and we all sped off up the hill towards Melbourne Uni. All I could do was to use my imagination to fill in the blanks. What had the older woman done to upset the young lady so much. I really need to know.


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