Bike Blitz more like Bike Blotz

So the Victorian Police are having ‘Blitz’ on cyclists this week so put an end to the mounting issues of ‘cyclist drama’ and do you know what? There are no cops around. One would assume they would be patrolling Swanston St, as it is the main route for cyclists entering/leaving the CBD, but on three rides during the announced ‘Blitz’ I have seen only two cycle-cops, yesterday morning, sitting by the side of the road having a chat. There was not one on the ride home last night, and none this morning. Perhaps they are patrolling another street, or maybe they are not blitzing during peak hour. Of course yesterday evening there was the usual gaggle of pedestrians crossing against the lights on Flinders St, making the usual weave between rank Taxi’s, illegally parked fruit vans, trams and gung ho cyclists as typical as every other non ‘Blitz’ day. How disappointment. We’ll see how this afternoon holds up.


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