Fixed, and free.


So the fixed gear trend has hit the mainstream here in Melbourne with an article about fixie culture appearing on the front page of The Age’s website. Sure, it was only the lead story for about an hour, but that is still something to behold. When I first loaded the page and saw bicycles, I initially thought it was a Tour De France story, probably something about Cadel, but no…. it was the real deal. An article about the “connectedness of fixed gear cycling” and the people utilising this form of transport.

“The main market is uni students, the art crew, and people who are training — people who are doing competition. They’re a bit of a fashion statement and there’s a lot of customising you can do.”

“Fixies can be blinged out with bright, shiny clean chains — sometimes the chains can be coloured,” said Mr Brennan. “The hubs can be coloured, they can be blinged with special narrow handlebars. They’re groomed like precious poodles.”

Now that my own bike is “blinged out” with a coloured chain, I am happy to know I almost fit within this subculture within subcultures, and although I might love my bike, I would have to admit I have never groomed it like a precious poodle. I may have tried to get it to fetch sticks for me, and often offer it water after a lengthy ride, but I’d say my bike is more like a bike than a dog. At least for now.


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