Refers to those who ‘paddle’ along, their pedals resting in the middle of their feet, not making the greatest use of the bicycle’s inertia. Paddle Footers are often seen wearing thongs, or sandals, and are also known to be weavers and cruisers. Beware of Paddle Footers, because they aren’t in any hurry and will sit in the middle of the bike lane making it difficult to pass them.

Are those cyclists who run a red light. Some runners are on a mission, and will speed away into the distance, but more often than not, you will catch up to and pass them before the next intersection, where you will stop for the red light, but they won’t therefore creating an infinite loop of frustration.

Push, push, coast. Push, push, coast. You know how it goes. You’re having a good run, not many stops, and then looming ahead of you is a coaster. They are having a great time, relaxing, not really paying much attention, going sloooooowly. Try to overtake coasters, as they will bug the hell out of you. Caution though, coasters are also often Paddler Footers, Runners and Weavers.

Weavers don’t particularly care for bike lane etiquette in any way. The will weave back and forth across the lane, not paying any attention to traffic coming up behind them. Weavers are very dangerous, take as wide a berth as you can. They are unpredictable and will lurch over towards you just as that bus is towering down behind you. Also take care behind Weavers going up hills. They seem lees able to control their bicycles when straining to make them work.

Different to Coasters, Cruisers don’t coast as much as just not put any effort into their riding. Hence the title, they will just cruise along, oblivious to their surroundings and fellow cyclists. Cruisers are often found riding impractical bikes with oversized handlebars, and too many decorative adornments. The oversized handlebars make it difficult for the Coasters to steer, so they have little choice but to ride as they do. Usually encountered on the way to the shops.



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